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Navy Region SW increases health protection conditions for San Diego metro installations
On March 14, Navy Region Southwest increased health protection conditions at all metro installations.
Navy Region Southwest is working closely with their partners in state and local public health departments, and following all guidance from the Department of Defense, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to protect Navy personnel, and visitors to our installations.
The health and well-being of their personnel and families remains a top priority, so Commander, Navy Region Southwest directed implementation of the following additional measures in the San Diego metro area, to protect the Fleet, Sailors, civilians and contractors and their families:
• Installation Commanders will continue no-touch ID scanning at all entry control points. Personnel are required to present both sides of their ID/credential for screening by a guard.
• Visitor Control Center personnel will utilize the health questionnaire to screen all personnel seeking access to installations or facilities.
• Installations with air terminals in the San Diego metro area will begin screening utilizing questionnaires of all personnel embarking/disembarking flights. They will coordinate with installation medical clinics to determine procedures for personnel identified for more comprehensive screening as a result of the initial screening.
• Personnel reporting will be screened upon arrival as a routine precaution.
• NRSW and installations will provide or coordinate cleaning products and/or hand sanitizer for high-traffic facilities and common areas on base.
• NRSW and installations will review increased frequency of janitorial services at certain facilities and will implement in a scalable manner.
• Military Medical Treatment Facilities will develop plans for single points of entry, prescreening procedures and evaluate impacts to mission, as well as keep the installation apprised of important updates, advise and make recommendations as required.
• All Navy command leadership should assess the risk of and make appropriate decisions on any ship or facility tours, large events or mass gatherings based on nature of the event and value to mission.
•All Navy commands should identify areas where employees may be initially isolated if they develop symptoms at work. Those employees should then be sent home or to a medical treatment facility as appropriate.
• All Navy commands should ensure all personnel diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19 are isolated or quarantined in alignment with CDC and DoD guidance.
• All Navy commands should encourage personnel who feel ill to stay home and educate the workforce on personnel policies that support employee decisions to stay home (such as annual or sick leave, or other weather and public safety leave provisions).
• All Navy commands should continue sharing information to educate Navy personnel of current conditions and prudent precautions, such as:
• Personnel who feel ill should stay home and self-isolate per CDC guidance. Personnel who feel they need medical treatment should notify medical care providers of their symptoms before visiting a treatment facility. Tricare beneficiaries can use the COVID-19 hotline at 1-800-TRICARE or
Personnel with family members at home sick with COVID-19 should immediately inform their supervisor.
Personnel with pre-existing health conditions are encouraged to discuss telework options with their chain of command to reduce their risk of exposure.
All Navy commands should coordinate with their Installation and Public Works to arrange for a deep-cleaning of any affected facilities in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case.
Personnel are asked to actively participate in regular cleaning of spaces and following CDC’s recommended actions to prevent the spread of the virus.
Navy leadership and the Navy’s medical professionals will continue to monitor the situation. As the situation progresses, Navy Region Southwest is postured to implement additional measures as needed in alignment with Deptartment of Defense guidance and in coordination with state and local partners should there be an increase in risk to the “fleet, fighter and family.”

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