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Phase II of Navy Crowdsourcing Initiative to balance capacity and capabilities in times of constraints gets underway
From Navy Warfare Development Command Public Affairs

NORFOLK (NNS) -- Nearly 400 registered players contributed more than 1,800 ideas on how to best maintain the capabilities and capacity of the Navy and mitigate risks in an era of constrained resources during the first phase of an online collaborative event to solicit input from a broad, diverse audience.

Cap2con MMOWGLI Phase I - or Capacity, Capabilities and Constraints Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet - was the initial idea discovery phase looking at broad ideas on balancing resources and capabilities across the active, Reserve and civilian forces.

Phase II, which will be played Dec. 2 - 8, will focus on refining the more popular ideas from Phase I. Players can join Phase II without having participated in Phase I.

Many of the Phase I ideas suggested transitioning specific tasks from the active duty to the Reserve component to free up active duty time for "warfighting first." These tasks included training in selected areas, routine maritime patrols so the active force could focus on high-end missions such as ballistic missile defense, information technology infrastructure support and providing depth and expertise in cyber warfare.

Cap2con MMOWGLI is sponsored by the Chief of Navy Reserve, Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC), Office of Naval Research and the Naval Postgraduate School.

"The enthusiastic contribution and collaboration of Sailors during Phase I exemplified the need for us to take a fresh look at how we can best leverage the talents of our active and Reserve component Sailors," said Rear Adm. Bryan Cutchen, commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command. "Phase II, with its more focused approach, is positioned to yield actionable results."

Results of the game will be used to inform high-level discussions about future Navy force structure, strategies and capabilities across the active, Reserve and civilian components.

The internet "card-based" game is easy to play. Root cards start off the game, and players build on, counter, refine or seek further information by placing their own cards on top of root cards. Promising "card chains" form the basis for action plans that further develop the players' ideas. Participants can play for as little or as long as they want, 24-hours a day, from any internet browser. For those competitive "gamers," leader boards recognize players with special achievements and bragging rights, all in good fun.

"Cap2con MMOWGLI's crowdsouring format allows Sailors, officers, active, Reserve and civilian personnel to anonymously contribute their thoughts and suggestions on these collaborative discussions," said Rear Adm. Scott Jerabek, commander, NWDC. "Following Phase II, we will thoroughly review and analyze the ideas and action plans the players themselves identify as the most promising and seek implementation at best speed."

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