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NMCSD proves quality, safe health care
by MC2 Sean P. Lenahan, Naval Medical Center San Diego Public Affairs

SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- The Joint Commission (JC) officially confirmed Naval Medical Center San Diego's (NMCSD) re-accreditation for the customary 36-month cycle on Sept. 18.
Additionally, the Medical Inspector General (MEDIG) also provided its official approval report regarding NMCSD's compliance to the Department of the Navy (DON), Department of Defense (DOD) and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) programs on Aug. 19, 2013. Both the JC survey and MEDIG were conducted July 15-19, 2013.
The purpose of the JC accreditation process allows NMCSD to ensure continuous standards of compliance while also acting as a tool for operational improvement. The JC survey assessed NMCSD's performance in areas such as safety, high-quality care, medical treatment and other such services to beneficiaries.
"I am so incredibly proud of each of you and the work you do each day to care for those who need our help," said Rear Adm. C. Forrest Faison III, commander, Naval Medical Center San Diego and Navy Medicine West. "In every area of the command, from our branch clinics to the clinical areas at the medical center to the inpatients areas to the non-clinical and administrative areas to the warehouses, IT shops, facilities, security, and all the places that make up our command and our are showing the nation how it should be done and I am privileged and honored to serve with you!"
The JC granted NMCSD an accreditation decision for all services surveyed under the programs Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals and Behavioral Health Care effective on July 20, 2013 and noted that NMCSD exemplified "world class care" for 11 programs, the highest in the history of NMCSD. These practices are:
* Treatment in adolescent mental health
* Dialysis program
* Patient interactive program (congestive heart failure, and many other applications)
* Treatment of depressive disorders in the outpatient setting
* Chula Vista Medical Home Port (including pharmacy practices)
* MRI suite design and environment
* Integrated patient-centered care: maternal child, chronic disease, warrior care
* NICU central line associated infection rate
* Effective use of data to enhance performance
* Medical and Surgical Simulation Center
* Warrior Care- surgical care, scar revisions, prosthetics, and post traumatic stress disorder
The MEDIG identified two best practices during their visit: the development of laser safety plans implemented by Radiation Safety Officer, Mr. Scott Frampton and the development of a medical equipment management checklist created by Material Management Department Head Lt. Cmdr. Omar Hiponia.
NMCSD also received 25 Bravo Zulus from the MEDIG for outstanding programs such as NMCSD's Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor (DAPA), Command Managed Equal Opportunity, Operational Forces Medical Liaison Service and Patient Relations program, to name a few.
Command Evaluator Linda Daum, Organizational Effectiveness Specialist, has the responsibility of ensuring all DOD, DON and BUMED programs are compliant with higher authority guidance, policies and statutes. She explained why these types of inspections and surveys of programs are important.
"These programs affect the lives of our active duty, federal and contracted employees and in some cases, our beneficiaries," said Daum. "I truly believe our success lied squarely upon two important facts: One, the program manager's ability to tell their story ... Two, the genuine hospitality displayed by our command, which was felt and commented on by the MEDIG and their staff."
NMCSD's Quality Management Special Assistant at the time, now retired Capt. (Dr.) Con Yee Ling ensured during the evolution that NMCSD staff performed to their highest abilities.
"The staff here brought success to this inspection by their motivated attitude, innovative thinking and hardworking devotion to their patients," said Ling. "I think this hospital works as an amazing team and the assessment we have had is just more evidence of that."
Since NMCSD's last JC survey and MEDIG inspection in September 2010, the hospital and its branch health clinics have been vigilant in maintaining high performance and patient care resulting in full accreditation until 2016.
"After an inspection like this, it shows that we are just as good when we are compared to the nation's private hospitals and practices, if not the best in all of Navy and military medicine," said Ling.
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